How to Cut Down Your Electricity Bills

It seems to me that those dreaded little brown envelopes drop through the letterbox all to frequently these days. I seem to pay one electricity bill, and then feel on top of things having paid it off, and get that nice warm feeling of satisfaction. In a strange way it is a happy moment when I feel confident that although long hours at work are a real drudge, finally I am on top of my finances, sound familiar to you?

Somehow, even though most of us loath paying our bills, it is a plain and simple fact that they do have to be paid. Problem is of course that before you know it, another bills arrives, and quite simply spoils the whole feeling of satisfaction yet again.

What can you and I do about it?

You may be surprised to learn that a survey by cashback website Quidco, has found that one in three British consumers have stopped using price comparison sites, with a further 47% put off by 'biased' results. One consumer, reported that having changed to a recommended cheaper Utility Supplier, that when she checked again that same day, she was recommend to change back to her original supplier!

Consumers are reportedly concerned that results on the sites are displayed according to which company pays the most for their listings.

So in plain terms, this means that consumers like you and me, cannot rely on results from some comparison sites, simply because they might recommend that you switch to the Company that pays them the highest introductory commission!

So what can you rely on?

I have done considerable research online and offline, and discovered one Utility Company that makes a very bold statement indeed, "We Guarantee to be cheaper than everyone else" and they go on to state furthermore that if the competition should alter their prices, they will to, so that you can automatically be certain that you are on the cheapest tariffs!

They do not spend money on advertising their services, and simply pass these massive savings onto you and me, by word of mouth, and personal recommendations.

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