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The Englische Garten or English Garden is a large urban public park that stretches from the city center to the northeastern city limits of Munich, Bavaria. With an area covering 3.7 square kilometers the English Garden is one of the world's largest urban Public Parks. One of the most famous Beer Gardens of Munich is located in the English Garden at the Chinese Tower, which was built during the years 1789 - 1790. Another very popular Beer Garden is the Seehaus, Lake House. It is beautifully situated next to the big lake, the Kleinhesselohe See, in about 1 km distance to the Chinese Tower, also in the English Garden. Why not rent a pedal boat to discover the Lake Kleinhesselohe?
Since 1789 Munich, in Bavaria, owns his English Garden, a green oasis in the heart of the city. Munich owes the English Garden to an American, Benjamin Thompson. He was a Bavarian minister of war and a social reformer. What a combination! Originally the northern marshy land of the River Isar was intended as a military garden; invested by the gardener Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell. However, the thought of a national park was soon realized. Agricultural use and education was given to the people in the park. Thus model farms, tree schools, a sheep farm and an agriculture school were founded. In 1989 the English Garden celebrated his 200 year old existence with a spectacular cultural program. The English Garden has retained its natural beauty and romantic wildness as a garden for the citizens.

One of the most famous and popular Beer Gardens of Munich is located right in the heart of the English Garden, around the Chinese Tower or Pagoda. This is also the most colorful Beer Garden and has a lot to offer for ones eyes and ears. Often you will hear the sounds of a Brass band playing live from the first floor of the Chinese Tower. As soon as the warm sunbeams appear, local folks will enjoy their first Maß beer of the season. (In Bavaria it is common to order beer by a Maß and this means a liter!) As it gets warmer, more and more visitors from the nearby university, locals and international guests will enjoy the weather, companionship, the great local food and off course dive into the ancient tradition of the Bavarian beer drinking style.
Take a walk to the nearby Kleinhesselohe See, a large lake and the next, beautiful Beer Garden with the name Seehaus, Lake House, awaits you here. In the old days, the gardener and investor Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell enlarged this lake and a small Beer Garden, as the forerunner of the current one, was established on the edge of it. Today, after restructuring, it can host up to 2,500 guests and is an all year round popular place to see and to be seen. Especially on the weekends you should come early, if you want a prime seat at the lake side and intend to stay a couple of hours. Overall it is the bit younger crowd that prefers this Beer Garden and families will enjoy sun-bathing, paddling on the lake, or feed the swans and let the children play with the corsair in the backside of the garden. This is also the first address in winter during foehn periods, where all the seats at the lake might be taken although the lake still carries ice. In summer you might like to sit in the shady backside of the Beer Garden or come later in the evening, after exploring the beauty and tranquility of the English Garden.

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