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Scandinavia denotes the countries within the northern European peninsula, namely Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. These nations have similar cultural characteristics, and they even have flags and languages that are much alike. Collectively, they are likewise termed the Nordic countries.

A tour of Scandinavia is liable to afford a single using a splendid view of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. That is a beautiful pure phenomenon in which the sky looks like a surreal, multi-colored curtain of lights. It normally happens in the months of March, April, September and October.

But if a single isn't lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, you will discover tons of other, less ephemeral attractions that Scandinavia delivers. The hot springs of Iceland, the fjords of Norway, the mountain ski resorts of Sweden are a just few of those attractions. There too are numerous stunning sights: parks, castle ruins, cathedrals, gardens and museums. Different activities like skiing, hiking and participating in Scandinavian festivals are very fashionable and pleasant.

Also worth mentioning is the one other healthy phenomenon distinctive in the area: the midnight sun. This is seen throughout the endless summer days in the northernmost regions, particularly Norway.

Norway, the "Land from the Vikings", is an archipelago popular for its deep fjords (extended thin inlet with steep sides) and wooden churches. Its funds is Oslo, in which one can visit the well known Akershus castle and fortress, many museums and botanical gardens.

With the Scandinavian countries, Denmark may be the smallest and most southernmost. A lot of Denmark is low and flat, with some hilly areas. The country comprises of the Jutland peninsula and much more than 400 islands. It is in addition encompasses the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Notable sights in Denmark are its windmills and conventional conventional thatched cottages, scattered across the nation.

Sweden is the largest Scandinavian state, both territorially and in terms of population. Like Norway, it also consists of a several islands. The funds is Stockholm, which boasts of a charming medieval town referred to as Gamla Stan, and an open-air museum/park termed Skansen. Sweden has a few mountains, lakes and ski resorts.

A trip around Scandinavia can ideally begin in Copenhagen, Denmark, this being one of the most accessible point and also the southernmost. Copenhagen is a pleasant town, the cash and cultural center of Denmark. It has a pleasant style park called the Tivoli Gardens. Christiania, an distinct "free city" within Copenhagen, is in addition worth a pay a visit to.

Just one can then proceed to the Swedish cash of Stockholm, preferably by train. Then the next stop would be Oslo, Norway. Its many museums are interesting, such as the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Viking Ship Museum. One particular must also remember to stop by the City Hall, noteworthy as the venue for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

After Oslo, go to Bergen, a scenic coastal town that's Norway's second biggest city. Bergen is lauded as a European Town of Culture in 2000, along with a Entire world Heritage Town. Despite its size, Bergen is really a strolling town having a rural really feel.

Then a single can take a trip to Helsinki, Finland via ferry from Stockholm. Helsinki can be a contemporary harbor town, with many enjoyable parks and churches.

If you enjoy traveling and would like to read more on some of the most famous places in the world, visit and also check out things to do in Scandinavia.

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