Bratislava is a Great Starting Point For Discovering Europe

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and the largest city in the small country with 250 000 inhabitants. You may not believe it, but this small capital city is a great entry point if you want to travel around Central and East Europe.

They say Slovakia is located right in the heart of Central Europe and it is indeed very true. Many travelers enjoy the trip to Bratislava from Vienna - only a 45 minute drive away. I love it because of its location and convenient accessibility to other European countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Croatia. You can go anywhere in Europe from Bratislava on a budget.

If you are the adventurous-type, the Twin City Liner offers a unique experience for travelers who would like to ride a ship to Vienna. The ship leaves daily from the Danube River and takes you directly to the Austrian capitol.

Only one train ride away, Prague awaits you at the Charles Bridge. Or you can head south and be in Budapest in less than three hours. I have been to both cities by train and I simply love the efficient travel time. There are also direct flights via Ryan Air to London, Paris, and Milan departing from Bratislava.

A tip: If you take a day trip to Bratislava, you can head to Austria and catch Blaguss Vienna airport shuttle from the New Bridge for only 6.00 euros. Blaguss offers affordable bus rates for adults and students, ideal for the budget traveler. Buses leave regularly from the Erdbergstrabe bus station to cities Berlin for 33.00 euros, Zagreb for 33.00 euros, and Budapest for 23.50 euros.

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