Ten Thoughtful Gifts for your Pregnant Friend

1. Maternity/Nursing Pajamas - As bellies get bigger, the tendency to fall asleep in your husband's extra large t-shirts becomes all too common. Cheer up you pregnant friend by giving her pajamas that grow with her and make her feel beautiful. She'll appreciatea set that can double as a nursing nightgown once she's had her baby also. Since she'll be waking up multiple times during the night, she'll need everything she can get to feel good.

2. Massage Gift Certificate Give - your pregnant friend a gift certificate to her favorite spa for a maternity massage and she'll be eternally grateful. Backs and legs tend to suffer during pregnancy and a massage is a lovely luxury.

3. Expandable Rings - Not only will your pregnant friend's belly be getting bigger over the next few months, but so will her hands and feet. If your friend loves wearing jewelry, give her a beautiful new ring with an expandable band as she will most likely outgrow her current collection by the last trimester. If the woman you are buying for is your wife, consider buying her the cubic zirconia adjustable engagement ring you could never have afforded in a diamond. She'll love the thrill of sporting a three carat ring during those last few months.

4. Fun Flip Flops - The unfortunate fact is that feet also tend to grow towards the end of pregnancy, so treat your pregnant friend to a fun pair of flip flops. Flip flops are so popular now and come in a vast array of styles and prices.

5. Lingerie Gift Certificate - Bra sizes are among the seemingly endless list of things that grow while you are pregnant. It's no wonder that a woman's lingerie collection can suffer greatly during those nine months. Help her refresh her collection of undergarments with a gift certificate to her favorite lingerie store.

6. Make Over Schedule a fun day out with lunch and a make over at her favorite make up counter. Swollen faces tend to creep up during the last trimester of pregnancy and can leave a woman feeling fat and ugly. A makeover will make her feel like the gorgeous woman you know her to be.

7. A Fun Maternity T-shirt - There are so many fun maternity t-shirts these days. Pick your favorite one out for your pregnant friend. She'll love wearing it.

8. Belly Casting Kit - Memorializing pregnancy with a belly casting kit is fantastic. You can help her make the casting and paint and decorate it afterwards. It will be a great afternoon of bonding which she will treasure.

9. Frozen Dinners - As you make yourself dinner, consider making double portions of some dishes to freeze for your pregnant friend. Stock her freezer up when she's in the hospital having her baby so she doesn't have to cook when she gets home. Make sure to write reheating instructions on each item so all she has to do is pop the dish in the oven or microwave.

10. Schedule a House Cleaning Service - As the big due date arrives, tell you pregnant friend that you'll arrange to have her house cleaned by her preferred house cleaning service while she's in the hospital. Everything seems so overwhelming when you come home after having a baby, to come home to a spotless house is a fantastic gift.

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