I'm discombobulated

I wrote today's Glob offline, typing away on the laptop in the ice-cold Bunker. I put the floppy in the drive (yes, there is still an occasional dinosaur who uses a floppy drive), but didn't actually save the text file there.

I'm discombobulated because the Serbian Roomate has brought his family up. They're moving into their house sometime soon. What's taking so long I don't know. Perhaps everything has to be put away, the last little bits of strapping tape safely in a garbage bag in the basement, before she can sleep in the new place. I don't know.

The Serbian Roomate grabbed all the great stuff when we moved in. I ended up with the small room beside the kitchen, the hard bed, and one small bedside lamp, obviously purchased for $1 at a garage sale. He ended up with two floor lamps, the comfy bed, and the big room.

I really could have used the comfy bed. I do a lot of writing sitting in bed. Whether I'll continue that pattern in the new place I don't know. It has a couple of couches out in the seedy den area.

It's not seedy. It's like the basements we slept and caroused in when we were kids, remember? Unfinished, the joists and flooring nails plainly visible. This place has joists from Northwood Mills, long since absorbed by Weyerhauser. The grading stamp says 1975.

You know what it's like? it's like the basement in That 70's Show.

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