I aquired a second-hand copy of Esquire's November 2002 issue. It has Britney Spears on the cover in homage to a fairly famous image of Angie Dickinson.

Britney is wearing a white sweater, pulled down at the front, and white shoes. That's all.

But that's not the attractive part of the magazine. The story that I found interesting was 'The Women We've Loved: 70 Years of the American Female". Their list of 'favorite peacherinos', and my own rather expert take:
  • Madonna: Ugh. I'm on the record as not being one of Ms. Ciccione's fans. I think her only real talent is marketing. And I don't think she's good looking.

  • Rita Hayworth: The real goods. Rita would be hot in any era. Good choice.

  • Barbara Stanwyck: In her youth, a very attractive woman. Not pretty, but handsome. However, I saw too many episodes of 'The Big Valley' and whatever that primetime soap she was on, in both of which she overacted shamelessly.

  • Janet Blair: Sweet.

  • Cameron Diaz: Killer bod. Killer. I have a feeling she's not going to age well, though.

  • Pamela Anderson: Ugh II. Silicone is a major turnoff.

  • Sophia Loren, 1955: I have to put the year in because Sophia Loren 2004 still turns heads. In 1955? Whoa. Hot. HOT.

  • Marilyn Monroe: She's sort of obligatory. She did have something, though. An indefinable sort of a something.

  • Janet Leigh: My favourite Janet Leigh is from Gone With the Wind. I think she was less than 20 then. Gorgeous she was.

  • Marilyn Chambers: I probably wouldn't have included a porn star in this list, myself. I guess that if you asked her out you'd have a reasonably good idea that she wasn't a virgin.

  • Faye Dunaway: I've never figured out the attraction.

  • Ann-Margaret: I wonder if she has (had?) a last name? She was pretty hot in the 70s.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: She's gained weight, and she never had the body type that I, personally, favor, but her face is almost unearthly.

  • Sharon Stone: I've always been ambivalent about Sharon. Attractive, sure. But she isn't on my list of all-time beauties.

  • Darryl Hannah: Here's another one I never got. She's tall and blonde, maybe that's why she was 'it' for a while.

  • Jamie Lee Curtis: Jamie isn't pretty. She's handsome, and she's very hot. Was then, is now.

  • Cindy Crawford: I'd love to photograph her. She's got a tremendously beautiful face, a sort of beautiful everywoman.
All in all, not a bad list.

In a related vein: celebrated women I'd love to photograph:
  • Winona Ryder: I'd put her in a dark coat, with a dark hood or a large dark hat. I'd find somewhere like a garage door or an overpass or something so that all you'd see would be her face and her hands. She'd have large, liquid catchlights in her eyes.

  • Charlize Theron: I'd like to photograph her nude (ok, so who wouldn't?). Not for the prurient thrill of doing so, but because she's absolutely gorgeous, really stunningly beautiful, nude. And that's not often true. Charlize is that rare beautiful creation.

  • Shakira: She has a beautiful, elfin face that is yet quite Latina.
There are a few more (only a few) but I'm tired.

There are far more uncelebrated women that I'd love to photograph. Maybe I'll make a list of them one day. I see them all around me.

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