Don't Forget About Berlin

Berlin Germany is one place that many people know about but tend to forget about when trying to plan a vacation. Planning a vacation can be very time consuming and difficult and certain places can tend to leave people's minds when they plan.Berlin is one of those places that can tend to be left off the list because many people don't know what is in Berlin. They simply don't realize what Berlin has to offer. Berlin has food, shops, attractions and history what more could you want on your vacation?

First off the trip has to include a visit to the East Side Gallery. This gallery is actually a piece of the Berlin Wall it is now used as a large art gallery. This gallery hold over one hundred pieces of art and is free to the public. This section of the wall once divided east Berlin and west Berlin, but is now the largest open gallery in world. If you enjoy museums then perhaps Museum Island is a good stop for you, this island holds five incredible museums and a cathedral. It is truly a site being right on the river and is a treasure that Berlin visitors usually miss out on.

If you would like to pay tribute to Holocaust victims Berlin is the place to come. They have the most impressive and moving memorials to the Holocaust victims. The site is over 4 acres and over 2,000 pillars. And underneath the ground is the name of every known Holocaust victim. Remember when visiting while this is an attraction it is also a memorial. The Memorial Church in Berlin is also another historic site. This church was damaged by many air raids in World War II. This is what caused it to lose its' tower, now this church stands as a memorial to World War II.

The last place that you must see in Berlin is a gate, but not just any gate, this gate serves as a symbol to the "new" Germany. The Brandenburg Gate once stood dividing east Berlin and west Berlin in the Cold War. When the wall came down the gate remained standing as symbol to the past, present and future. The gate itself is free to see, and is a highly recommended stop. Technically this gate was not a part of the Berlin Wall but definitely held great value to the wall and its' purpose.

Berlin Germany may be forgotten by many tourists when planning trips, however, this is a mistake. Berlin has so much to offer visitors it's hard to see why anyone would want to pass it up. Heritage, art, and history this city really does have it all, and this is only a taste of what this place has to offer. Berlin may seem like it would be an expensive trip and for many travelers it will be however, these few must sees that you just learned about are all free and open to the public. Meaning that to see these great monuments you only need to be in the great city of Berlin.

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