Daily Astrology For the Week of September 22, 2008 - General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 9/22/08 Affectionate and Creative

We are going to be feeling rather nurturing under the Cancer Moon today. Even though Cancer is the sign of home, we may feel like getting away. Many will be affectionate, and some will be impulsive. We could also be feeling very creative. Those of us up late may end up going to extremes on a few of those projects.

Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Enters Libra (Fall Equinox), Venus Sextile Pluto

Tue 9/23/08 Feeling Impulsive and Possible Accidents

We may be feeling really impulsive today, and some of those impulses may lead us to accidents. Some of us will be struggling to make some changes in our relationships, and others could be overspending their budgets. We may feel like we are ready to make some changes around lunch time (mid morning west coast), but as the day progresses our efforts may backfire on us. Emotions will flatten out early this evening (mid afternoon west coast) as the Moon goes void of course. Watch out for accidents tonight, and think before you speak.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Conjunct Mars, Venus Enters Scorpio

Wed 9/24/08 Mercury Retrograde - Accidents

We are going to be feeling pretty good today under the Leo Moon, but we may encounter some problems with Mercury at retrograde station. There could be some communication problems, and there is a higher likelihood of accidents on the highways. But, most of us will deal with these problems in an optimistic way (a few may throw a childish fit). It will be a great night for entertainment. Do something special to reward yourself for surviving the day.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Retrograde Station

Thu 9/25/08 Drama and Excitement

People should be rather generous and confident today under the majestic Leo Moon. There will probably be a little extra drama in everything we do, and romance could be on our agendas. The excitement could amplify this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we should find that the rest of the night is just plain fun. Enjoy.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Fri 9/26/08 Cleaning and Organizing

We may have a little trouble getting started this morning, but by mid morning we will be ready to get to work as the Moon enters industrious Virgo. Its going to be a great day for scouring and scrubbing, and getting down to the details of any project. People will be cooperative late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast), and it will be a great time for conversations. We may decide to do some more cleaning and organizing tonight.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 9/27/08 Getting Things Done

We may start today with a very big "to do" list, and we should find that we steadily check off the projects on our list through mid afternoon (early afternoon west coast). There is a tendency to become overly critical tonight (this evening west coast), and some of us may find ourselves dealing with anger backlash, if we don't think before we speak.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sun 9/28/08 Strong Spiritual Connections

We are going to want to communicate this morning, and our words and thoughts could be on the creative side. Spiritual connections will be strong, and many of us will feel the artist inside calling out. There could be some fearful or paranoid situations early this afternoon (mid morning west coast), but by late afternoon (early afternoon west coast) we will be ready to be social again as the Moon enters Libra. It will be a great night for social events or just enjoying time with our significant other.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Trine Neptune

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