We just got an email from the boss, my boss' boss. It was a long thing (she's wordy) about the medical effects of scent pollution. Evidently, somebody complained.

I was a bit worried at first. I thought maybe it was me until I remembered that I don't wear anything other than a little deodorant1. Somebody must have been bathing in the cologne or something.

I'd hate to be a boss. I'd hate to deal with things like complaints about grooming. Nobody wins there: some schmuck doesn't bathe regularly, so everybody gets pissed and whines to the boss, who has to say (in effect) 'you stink'. The malodorous schmuck is pissed off and probably increases his bathing regimen for a while.

Or in this case, somebody probably thinks that since a little Aqua Velva smells nice, half a bottle smells better2. I once worked in an office building with a woman whose overpowering perfume made my eyes water I happened to get on the elevator with her in the morning.

The Next Door Rumanian is cursing a blue streak. He's trying to do something beyond his knowledge level, which is fine: that's how you learn. But he's getting frustrated and not accepting advice. So now that we have a policy that people can't smell too strongly, maybe I should harass the boss for a policy on noise pollution.

  1. Actually, I wondered for a while whether it was my hands. I rubbed the sxKitten's back last night using Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion. The vanilla scent from that shit sticks to your skin like... well... shit to a blanket. For a little while I wondered if somebody was complaining about my Overpowering Hand Stench.

  2. That's assuming that you think that a little Aqua Velva smells nice. You may not.

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